About Fixing Broken Titanium Glasses

Titanium is a low density metal originated in Great Britain and named after the titans in Greek mythology. Some of its most notable attributes to the eyewear industry are its high strength, resistance to corrosion and light weight characteristic. Titanium can also be alloyed with other metals like nickel and beryllium to form other flexible metals which have given birth to the flexible frame industry. Although titanium is very durable metal, there is nothing that is unbreakable, and titanium is no exception.

Our technicians at fixmyglasses have been repairing titanium eyeglasses and sunglasses for many years. Here at fixmyglasses we use the latest technology to assure the most durable results, which are backed with a one year warranty. Our laser technology is so precise that most of our laser eyewear repairs are practically unnoticeable.


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Other Services Offered by fixmyglasses

Metal eyewire breaks

fixmyglasses uses laser technology producing practically unnoticeable results on eyeglass and sunglass frame repairs. Our eyewear repairs include free shipping and are backed with a one year warranty.

Broken Glasses: Nose Bridge

Our master eyewear repair technicians use several different techniques to fuse just about any broken plastic nose bridge on eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Fixing Plastic Glasses

fimyglasses can fuse eyeglass and sunglass elbows on almost any plastic eyewear frame. Our master eyewear repair technicians will leave your broken plastic eyeglasses and sunglasses looking like new!

About Us

fixmyglasses uses the latest technology to efficiently process every eyewear order from beginning to end. With over ninety years of combined experience fixing eyeglasses and sunglasses, our master eyewear repair technicians and opticians have a solution for all eyewear issues. By combining experience with technology along with a one year warranty on our eyewear repairs and devoted customer service, fixmyglasses has created an unparalleled experience when it comes to online eyewear repair service.

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