Our 3 Step process in detail

Shipping your eyewear has never been easier with our 3 step process.

3 Steps to fixing your glasses

Step 1: Sending us your glasses

  • Simply fill out our easy to use order form and follow packing instructions to the right
  • We provide a free shipping label with tracking, so you can track your order in transit
  • You can schedule a pick up to any valid address provided by our U.S Postal Service

Step 2: We receive your glasses

  • Once we receive your glasses we notify you that your glasses have arrived
  • Our expert technicians will then thoroughly inspect your glasses
  • An email with all available options, which include description and cost per option, will be sent
  • Once an option is chosen and processed online our technicians will quickly proceed
  • Most orders are usually processed and shipped back within 24 to 48 hours

Step 3: We return your glasses

  • Most orders are usually processed and shipped back within 24 to 48 hours
  • We will send out an email with tracking number and link once your order shipped
  • You can track your order online at usps.com

Packaging your glasses Safely

  1. If your glasses are in multiple pieces, wrap each piece individually with a paper towel or tissue.Our 3 Step Process: Wrapping up glasses for shippingThis will help prevent your lenses from being scratched by loose pieces.
  2. Take all wrapped pieces and wrap together and place in a small box to be shipped in.Securing glasses in boxHard eyewear cases are recommendable, but fixmyglasses does not assume responsibility for cases.
  3. Enclose filled out “ORDER FORM” and fill excess space in box with newspaper, bubble wrap, paper towel or tissue.Packaging glasses with order formThis will assure that the eyewear is properly processed and not bouncing around the box during transit.
  4. Seal box and place postage label visibly on box. It is okay to use Clear Transparent tape to tape over label.Glasses ready to shipClear transparent tape will help water proof label to prevent barcodes and print from being smeared.