Eye Crutches Give Hope to Those with Ptosis

Eye Crutches

Ptosis (or drooping eye syndrome) happens when the muscle in the upper eyelid grows weak or fails to function. If you suffer from Ptosis you know how difficult it is not to have control overyour eyelid muscle. Not only does it affect how the world sees you, it affects how you see the world. Whether you have slight muscle function in the eyelid or none whatsoever, there is a non-intrusive and affordable remedy for Ptosis – The eye crutch (or the Ptosis crutch).

Why hasn’t your eye doctor recommended the eye crutch to you? They may know very little about it. This is one of the most unique and creative modifications you will ever see on an eyeglass frame. And there are only a few eye care professionals who specialize in crafting this innovative attachment to eyeglasses. But once you learn more about it, you’ll find that the eye crutch is uplifting in more ways than one.

How Does the Eye Crutch Work?
The Ptosis crutch is a small bar that rests along the upper inside of the eyeglass frame, supporting the droopy eyelid. The position of the eye crutch is generally placed where the orbital fold would be if the lid were normal. The eye crutch itself creates a fold just above the eye, tucking the lid and raising it above the pupil.

Currently, there are no manufacturers that offer eyeglasses with the eye crutch built in to them. However, in most cases, the Ptosis crutch can be installed onto your existing eyeglasses, easily and inexpensively. While metal frames are best suited for the eye crutch (because of the durability), plastic frames can also support the attachment.

There are generally two different kinds of the Ptosis crutch to choose from – the adjustable or the reinforced option:

The adjustable eye crutch is most commonly attached to one side of the frame, usually the nasal side. The benefit of the adjustable eye crutch is of course the option to easily adjust the size. The downside, however is that they have to be adjusted often and this results in weakened and subsequently broken crutches.

The reinforced eye crutch is attached to both sides of the frame, making it much more durable and is still slightly adjustable up and down. When choosing this option, it’s imperative that comfort the crutch is fitted correctly because the attachment is actually welded onto the frame. Most often the standard measurement for the reinforced eye crutch is between 10 and 15mm. These are the most common lengths from the eyeglass frame to the eye socket. The length may be extended if you have deeper-set eyes.

Is the Eye Crutch Comfortable?
The comfort of the eye crutch totally depends on the fit, which is why it’s very important that the eye crutch be installed by a trained professional. If you’re allergic to certain metals such as titanium or nickel, be sure the eye crutch is made from another type of material. However, most eye crutches come with a clear plastic-coated finish to protect against allergic sensitivity and provide a more comfortable fit.

Why do eye crutches help?
Before the eye crutch came along, the most common way to lift a droopy eyelid was by affixing tape on the affected eyelid. Believe it or not, this method does work; it’s just not the most comfortable way to look at the world or have the world look back. This is why the eye crutch is so innovative. It takes something so common as eyeglasses and gives them an additional function.

If left untreated, Ptosis can cause permanent vision damage. The vision in the affected eye can worsen and even lead to blindness (especially in children). On the other hand, the unaffected eye can also be damaged because it is being forced to do all the work. With the assistance of the eye crutch, the benefits can be gained both internally and externally.

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