Eyewear Repair FAQs

Eyewear repair via mail order may sound confusing, however you can feel safe with fixmyglasses and our tested system with over 100,000 glasses safely repaired glasses via mail order. Check out our customer testimonial for yourself!

How much does it cost?

Eye wear repair is more affordable than you may expect with modern technology advances made available in 2015. While your name brands specs may have cost you well over a couple hundred dollars, expect to pay well under a hundred to fix most glasses. The average repair price is $50. Each pair of glasses, reading or sunglasses have different materials that make the repair cost vary. To see a list of common repairs and materials to get an estimate or understanding of what your repair estimate will be, click here. No repairs will done without your approval. An email detailing repair options and costs will be sent to you for your approval prior to repairing the glasses.

How do I pay?

You will be sent an email with repair options. Once you select the repair option that you would like, it will have a link to click through and pay via a secure gateway with all forms of payment accepted, including Paypal.

What does "Repair Options" mean?

Once fixmyglasses receives your eyewear, a master technician will thoroughly scope your eyewear and send you an email with all the available options. Each option will have an exact description of services offered, exact pricing and a link to purchase the option, the choice is yours. Our technicians will address the obvious repair, consider any comments and also point out anything that they think may potentially be an issue in the future. Your eyewear is our passion.

How long will it take?

We take pride in our operations to get your glasses back on your face as soon as humanly possible. Once we receive your glasses, we will assess them within 24 hours and email you the repair options and costs. Once you approve the repairs and provided no special parts need to be ordered (On average 80% of the orders are processed without needing special parts), we will fix your glasses within 24 to 48 hours and get them back in the mail to you.

Can you fix titanium?

Yes, fixmyglasses uses state of the art technology, which includes laser welding, electro fusing and has created techniques to successfully repair pretty much any metal alloy. We guarantee our repairs with a one year warranty.

Can you fix Plastic Frames?

Yes, there are many type of plastics used for eyewear frames so some may take a little longer to cure. We use the latest technology, so plastic frame s are usually seamlessly repaired. A successful result requires careful consideration of the type of plastic that the eyewear is made of. Our master technicians are more than willing to find a solution for you; free of charge including shipping.

Can you fix Bendable frames (Flexon, EasyTwist etc.)?

Yes, fixmyglasses uses state of the art technology, which includes laser welding, electro fusing and has created techniques to successfully repair bendable metals like Flexon, EasyTwist and any other bendable metal.

Is there any guarantee or warranty?

Absolutely, fixmyglasses offers a one year warranty (unless noted) on repairs, parts and most of our own lenses. Brand name lenses do not offer any warranty their respective lenses.

Do you use original parts?

Fixmyglasses has access to most original parts that are available. Some designers do not offer parts and certain styles eventually get discontinued leaving no available replacement parts.However, we are able to fix almost any part helping to maintain the original aesthestics of your eyewear.

What if I don’t like any of the options?

If you do not like any of the available options simply email us back at moc.s1553692363essal1553692363gymxi1553692363f@tro1553692363ppus1553692363 and include your “repair Id” and indicate that you would like to opt out. Rest assure, we will promptly send back your eyewear with tracking for free.

What happens if you cannot fix my glasses?

In the very rare case that we cannot fix your glasses, fixmyglasses will give you 20% off on any available replacement frame and if there is no available frame option to your liking, fixmyglasses will return your eyewear, including free shipping with tracking, and extend the 20% discount toward any future purchase.

Can you buff scratches out of lenses?

Our master technicians are qualified to assess and genuinely let you know if your lenses are salvageable. Anti-reflective coatings are usually the culprit and may be removed, hence creating a much clearer lens. However, deep scratches cannot be removed.

Polishing out deep scratches is a myth and may be considered illegal. Polishing out a scratch would thin out the area of the lens where the scratch was, hence changing or creating prescription also called an aberration on a lens. The wrong prescription and/or aberrations may be very harmful to your vision. However, fixmyglasses can process top quality lenses for a fraction of retail prices.

Can I send more than one order with one shipping label?

Yes, fixmyglasses encourages you to include all of your orders at one time in one package. This will help keep all of your eyewear together and also help expedite the process.

How do I check the status of my order?

We understand that sending your eyewear may seem a little scary. Our free shipping includes tracking, which you may track in transit all the way to our facility. However, if you feel that you are not comfortable with our free shipping method, we recommend that you purchase insurance at the post office (usually under $5) or send them through a method that you feel comfortable with.

Once we receive your order, we offer a link on the top right of our page (Order Status) where you can check on your orders status “real time”.

Our real time tracking includes the following:

  • When we receive your order
  • When it has been accessed and your options have been emailed to you
  • When it is in process
  • Final inspection
  • When it has been shipped back to you, which includes a link for tracking your order

Expedited shipping and signature confirmation is available on our shopping cart upon checking out on all orders.

Do I have to use your free shipping label?

It is completely up to you. fixmyglasses offers free shipping both ways with individual tracking, but you are not obligated to use our shipping service. You may send your eyewear any way that you see fit and are comfortable with. Be sure to include your order confirmation print out in your order regardless of shipping method.