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4 Secrets to Keeping Eyeglasses New

Don’t you love getting new glasses? The frames are clean and tight with a fit that feels like you were born with them on your face. And the lenses – so crisp and clear, all you want to do is look at stuff. Why can’t eyeglasses stay this way? Here’s a secret… with today’s scratch-resistant lenses and titanium-strength frames, there’s no reason why they can’t. All it takes is a little knowledge and a few moments of eyeglass TLC. Here are 4 secrets to keeping your glasses looking and feeling like new…

1. Pssst…. It’s the Microfiber!
Always use a microfiber cloth when cleaning your lenses. Usually one will come with your new glasses. But once that little towel is lost, you’re back to using paper towels and sweater sleeves. To keep this from happening, stock up on the microfiber cloths. They can be purchased rather inexpensively at your optician’s office, eyeglass retailers or online. Then, make sure they are easily accessible around your home, car and workspace.

2. Secret Weapon
Okay, maybe not so secret. But that eyeglass cleaner you’ve always scoffed at buying? It’s a big factor in keeping your lenses crystal clear and scratch free. We know it’s tempting, but refrain from using those ordinary glass cleaners that are under the sink. Today’s lenses are not made from the same material as your car windshield or bathroom mirror. Because of this, most abrasive ammonia-based cleaners will damage them. And here’s something you probably already know – scratch-resistant doesn’t mean scratch proof.

Bonus Tip: While they are convenient, pre-moistened lens towelettes should only be used sparingly and as a last resort. Towelettes can get pricey and because of the infused chemicals, they usually are not recyclable. Also, if you do have to use a lens towelette, remember to rinse your lenses before wiping, as dirt particles could potentially leave trace scratches.

3. There’s a Method
Now it’s time to put that microfiber cloth and lens-specific cleaning solution to work. First, spray the cleaner on the front and back of each lens. Wipe dry with your microfiber cloth. Then, buff the lens with a dry part of the cloth. Do this at the end of each day and store your glasses in their original case. Not only do your lenses attract dirt and dust throughout the day, your face and fingers leave an oily residue behind – that goes for the frames too. And speaking of frames…

#4 Maintain the Frame
You’re an eyeglass wearer, so naturally you own an eyeglass repair kit. Right? If not, go to your corner drugstore or online merchant and buy an eyeglass repair kit. Yes, even the plastic tubed keychain with a flea-sized screwdriver inside will do. However, if possible, try to get a proper repair kit, with a human-sized optometric screwdriver and a few replacement screws included. A proper kit will run you anywhere from $10 to $20 dollars.

Once you have your kit, pick a day of the week to do a routine maintenance. Check the overall condition of your frame before preparing to perform your maintenance. Tighten the following small screws on the frame:
• Hinge temple of the frame – Place your eyeglasses on a counter top or hard surface to secure the frame. This will allow you to put pressure on the frame as you’re turning the optometric screwdriver.

• Eye-wire where the lens is held into the frame – This screw is usually located at the top and inside area of the frame. Turn the glasses upside down, bracing the frame on the same hard surface as before and tighten the screw head.

Remember not to over-tighten, or press too hard on the screw head – you don’t want to strip the screw or damage the frame.

Despite the name, your eyeglass repair kit is only meant for simple maintenance. If you notice that your frames are bent or the lens cracked or damaged, don’t try to fix them yourself. Contact the experts at for advice or repair. And if they ask you how you otherwise keep your glasses in such great shape. Tell them it’s a secret!


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