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fixmyglasses can repair prescription glasses, non-prescription eyewear and sunglasses of most any material. fixmyglasses successfully repairs 98% of all glasses received.

 Quality: Like new eyewear repairs using laser technology  FREE Shipping: Pick up and delivery of your glasses  Fast Service: 24-48 hour repair turnaround  Affordable: Average eyewear repair cost = $33
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Most common fixmyglasses repairs

Restring and Overhaul

Our technicians will straighten out your frame and apply a new nylon rope and nose pads leaving your glasses as good as new with simple restring and overhaul!

Entire Frame Overhauls

fixmyglasses will straighten out your frame to manufacture standards and replace the nose pads and temple tips with new ones as we specialize in entire frame overhauls.

Plastic Frame Overhauls

Plastic Frames Overhauls can be reformed to original shape.

Broken side arm hinges

Our expert technicians can weld almost any metal temple using the latest laser technology and also has access to original replacement parts if available to repair your broken side arm hinges.

Titanium Eyeglass Repairs

Fixmyglasses can weld together or replace broken eyewear nose bridges, even titanium and flexible metal bridges. Titanium eyeglass repairs are now possible with laser technology.

Metal eyewire breaks

We use the latest technology including laser welders to produce practically unnoticeable results for metal eyewire breaks.

Plastic Hinge Repairs

Plastic hinge repairs at the temples can be repaired and reinforced with virtually no sign of warping and in some cases may also be replaced with original parts, if available.

Plastic Nose Bridge Break

Our master technicians use several different techniques to fuse just about any plastic nose bridge break.

New Metal Hinge Fuse

fimyglasses can fuse elbows or can replace metal hinges on almost any plastic frame.  See more about new metal hinge fuse repair below.

About Us

fixmyglasses uses the latest technology to efficiently process every order from beginning to end. With over seventy years of combined experience, our master technicians and opticians have a solution for all eyewear issues. By combining experience with technology along with our one year warranty on our work and devoted customer service, fixmyglasses has created an unparalleled experience when it comes to online eyewear service.

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