About Eyeglass Repair

In an era of technology, fixmyglasses was formed by a group of professionals looking to bridge technology with the lost art of eyeglass repairs. By incorporating lasers, electro fusers, computer technology and the internet, an unparalleled experience was created.

The core of fixmyglasses is composed of second generation expert lab technicians and opticians, with over ninety years of combined experience repairing eye wear. Our master technicians have seen just about every way eyeglasses can break and have modified countless glasses to accommodate special needs and desires.

We are considered experts; our focus is repairing, modifying and making eyewear. We also continuously research and develop tools, equipment and techniques, always striving to improve the process and experience for our customers with their eyeglass repair needs.

Our experience, creative approach, professional documentation, state of the art lab and technological flow have produced a 98% success rate on orders received.

Our attention to detail and satisfying our customer needs is the cornerstone of our drive to be the best at what we do. Give us a try and tell us what you think.