Professional Eye Wear Repair from Fix My Glasses

Fullerton, California, USA – 13 April 2017 – Fix My Glasses is a company formed by a group of professionals looking to combine the modern technology with art of eyeglass repairs, by incorporating lasers, electro fusers, computer technology and the internet. The team of Fix My Glasses is composed of second generation expert lab technicians and opticians, with over ninety years of combined experience repairing eye wear. Their specialized technicians have seen just about every way eyeglasses can break and have modified countless glasses to accommodate special requirements and wants of any customer. Their main focus is repairing, modifying and creating highest quality eyewear.

To understand how it works, you will just have to enter on the Fix My Glasses website. First step is to send your broken glasses to the company with their free postage label. After that the specialists will confirm the options and cost, will perform the repair and will send you the repaired eyeglasses within 24-48 hours. The Fix My Glasses expert technicians use laser technology to fix glasses and can repair over 95% of broken eyewear including titanium glasses, plastic eyewear frames and even damaged eyeglass and sunglass lenses.

Most common Fix My Glasses repairs are: overhauling rimless glasses starting at $30, adjusting bent eyewear starting at $20, adjusting plastic glasses starting at $20, broken glasses: side arm starting at $41, titanium eyeglass repairs starting at $51, metal eyewear breaks starting at $41, broken plastic eyewear arms starting at $46, broken glasses: nose bridge starting at $41 and fixing plastic glasses starting at $46. At Fix My Glasses the price for eye wear repair is extremely affordable, because of new technology advances which appeared in 2015. Even if your eyeglasses have a high cost price tag, you will get your repair for well under a hundred dollars. To learn more about price ranges, check the page Average Cost and Duration on Eyeglass Repairs. There is a list of common repairs, average cost and average time frame. No repairs will be done without your consent, so there is no reason to worry about costly repairs.

About Fix My Glasses:
Fix My Glasses is a team of considered experts in repairing, modifying and making eyewear. Their main goal is to improve the process and experience of the customers with any kind of eyeglass repairs, through continuous research and development of equipment, tools and modern day techniques.