fixmyglasses Customer Testimonial

fixmyglasses takes pride in its service quality and efficiency by providing affordable solutions to broken eyewear including sunglasses. It is for that reason that the #1 way we get new customers is through referrals. Take a look at the customer testimonial we have received – these are just a few – we will be adding more!

“I just received my fixed glasses and just wanted to thank you guys. You can’t even see that it’s been repaired unless you look really closely. I’ll be sure to send any future repairs to you guys.” //Sean

“Good day, I just wanted to thank you for the fast professional service. You have made it so easy to go online and complete the process of shipping my glasses to you. The quick feedback and quote is also very welcome. And lastly, the quick repair and the quality of the shipment right back to me is by far some of the best customer service I have encountered. From start to finish, it only took 9 days including shipping time to receive my glasses in “like new” condition. Great job by all !! Customer for life,”

Dale Wheeler

“As a first-time customer, I was apprehensive about sending off my sunglasses to be repaired to a company I had never heard of. Yesterday they arrived back, and I cannot express how absolutely amazed I was upon examining them. No evidence of repair is visible, yet they are as durable and solid as they were when they were new! They are clean and polished, and they have never fit so well since buying them years ago. All I can say–besides WOW!–is thank you for such superior craftsmanship along with remarkable customer service. One more thing, the glasses were delayed getting to my home because the zip code was incorrect. I called your customer service number and confessed that I probably gave the wrong code, but when the glasses arrived a letter was enclosed apologizing for the delay and offering a discount on a future service. In spite of my confession to making the mistake, you assumed responsibility and apologized. Now that is classy customer care, and it speaks greatly about the character of your company. I am impressed!” Rodney Hill

“Thank you for your prompt response, I knew I picked the right people for the repair.” Robin

These guys are Great! They actually offer free postage on website to send your glasses in for repairs, which I took advantage of. I live about 20 miles away and always on the run, and happened to be in the area a few days later and called to see if I could drop by to pick up my sunglasses. They were very helpful with directions and had my Chanel sunglasses fixed and ready, looking like nothing ever happened! Amazing work! Not to mention their nice showroom, huge selection and great prices I took advantage of. Definitely be back! Five stars for fixmyglasses!!! Thanks!!!


The order showed up today thanks for the very prompt service. I wasn’t expecting a no-charge repair your company is a pleasure to do business with and I brag about you guys to all my friends. Hope you win a JD Powers Award of excellence someday!

You have a first rate operation!

Thanks again,

Craig L. Collins

Dear Sirs:

If you ever need a testimonial for your repairing of glasses, feel free to use my email address, name, or phone number. After receiving my repaired glasses, it is really not fair to call them repaired. The truth is, my glasses were totally reconditioned. In the interim between the time I was sending you an updated Rx for new lenses, to replace the scratched one in my glasses I found that the VA now will replace damaged glasses, if you are a combat veteran. Since I met that requirement, in spades, I ordered one of the free pair of glasses. They arrived 2 days after your refurbished pair. There is NO comparison between the new pair, and your refurbished pair. After trying both pair of glasses, I put the NEW pair of VA glasses, in a box and put them in the bottom of my closet. Your refurbished glasses are an order of magnitude BETTER, in every respect, than the NEW glasses provided by the VA. The fitting of of your frames to my head, the spacing of the bifocal lens is perfect, as are any dimension you can measure. Your repairing of my old glasses is a work of artistry, I would be happy to take as many calls as you want to send my way, to extol the superiority of your work. If you have anyone who would like a personal letter from me to point out the superiority of your work, please don’t hesitate to have any number of persons, call, write, or ask my opinion about the superiority of your work. Your work is not one of cheap labor, but the craftsmanship of your artisans, stands alone for the quality of their attention to details. Thank you SO MUCH for the excellent quality of your work. Your business stands alone in the quality of their work! Thank you and your company for the trust you put in work! Thank you again. for your quality and excellence in the repairing (refurbishing) of my glasses.
I have no relation to anyone in your company, but for as many years as I live, YOU will service my optical needs to the perpetuity of my life.

Thanks again for the quality of your work, the follow up, and attention to details.

Thank you for you for fixing the sunglasses I sent in such a timely manner. I appreciate you getting them back by Father’s Day. They look really great and my husband was suprised.


Janelle Mack

Thank you all again! I received the Sun Glass today in the mail. Great Job! And a special thanks to Christian.

Robert H Poly. ( they should last another 50 years) Hope I last that long.

I just got my Flexon glass back. They had a broken nose bridge. The eyeglass store that sold them to me a few years ago said that since Flexon no longer sold the nose bridge, and since the lenses would not fit in any current frame, my only alternative was to spend about $600 to buy another
complete pair of eyeglasses from them.

You folks saved the day. You welded the nose bridge, and I can’t even see where the weld is. I have no idea how you did it, but I am forever grateful. I am unemployed and could not afford the new glasses, especially since
my prescription has not changed.

I will certainly tell my friends and family about you if they ever have a broken pair of glasses.

Thank you so much.

Tom Sladowski
New York

This store was absolutely fantastic. I sent my sunglasses to them to be repaired. They were very fast, accomodating, and the sunglasses look brand new. I was very empressed by this business.

Elizabeth B.
Charleston, SC

They are great,I sent my Ray Bans to get fixed

They came back in a week,versus 2 months Luxotica repairs took,last time I used them.

Oscar R.
Encino, CA


Love this place! Have had my favorite sunglasses repaired here many times, they do such a good job you cant even tell they were broken.

Jeannette R.
Tustin, CA

This place is great! When hubby’s prescription sunglasses fell apart they were able to put them back together and saved us the price of a new pair. Very reasonable fee of 36.00 to fix the problem AND very fast, too! In at 11:30, done by 2:00! Nice selection of non prescription sunglasses too!

Belinda M.
Orange, CA