Latest Technology to Make the Impossible Possible with Eyeglass and Sunglass Repairs

Fullerton, CA 12/03/2015 — Repairing and replacing parts of both metal and plastic prescription eyeglasses requires precision and an adept skill that can be found at Dedicated to creating an affordable solution to fix broken glasses, fixmyglasses was curated by an intelligent group of entrepreneurs, opticians, lab technicians and web developers to provide an unparalleled experience for their customers. From the repair process to their delivery service, the fixmyglasses team executes all aspects of eye wear repair in a timely manner. In addition to free shipping and their no obligation policy, a one year warranty is standard on all repair orders as an added convenience to the customer.

Furthermore, to prevent any delays, fixmyglasses assures that the customer’s repaired eyeglasses are typically ready within 24 to 48 hours upon customer approval. By using the latest technology including lasers and electro-fusing, the results are superior in quality and precision, ensuring over a 95% repair rate of glasses received, including special metals like titanium and most other precious metals. Their skilled technicians boast 90 years of combined optical repair experience, rendering their services unmatched by even the most skilled craftsmen. Fixmyglasses can also repair or replace both prescription and non-prescription lenses of all types for a fraction of the retail price.

CEO, Ray Favela affirms, “I am pleased to introduce new technology to the optical industry by performing complex repairs for valuable eye wear products. We now make the impossible possible by providing outstanding repair work which has otherwise been unavailable. Using laser technology, we can now successfully repair eye wear for a fraction of the retail price of a new pair of glasses.”

fixmyglasses has aligned itself with other professional vendors in the industry, allowing expedited delivery of name brand and designer parts to assist with the quality of the repair. Broken metal and plastic eye wear frames are seamlessly fixed, creating a virtually flawless result. fixmyglasses is committed to caring for their customer. There are no hidden fees and no charges until the customer approves the eyeglass repair order, and if the customer declines the options provided, fixmyglasses is happy to return the order free of charge.

“We understand that some people are required to wear their glasses during the entire course of the day. A major repair can cause inconvenience to them and it is for this reason that we have made the process simpler. Our technicians take care of the damaged eye wear delivered, working out any issue and send them back promptly,” says Ray Favela.

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About implements a sustainable tracking system that allows users to check the progress of their eye wear in transit and while at the facility on a real time basis. Their prices are lower than market value and they have the ability to fix what other eyeglass and sunglass repair shops claim cannot be fixed. fixmyglasses provides a secure payment gateway and convenient payment options including PayPal.

Three USC Alumni joined together to apply new, cutting edge technology to innovate eyeglass and sunglass repair service in America. The result? Affordable and quick delivery of eye wear repairs using the latest laser, electro-fusing technology, etc. fixmyglasses is the best available eye wear repair process in the industry. In addition, orders can be accommodated from anywhere in the world. Free shipping is offered within the US.