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About adjustments and overhauls

Adjustments and overhauls on eyeglasses and sunglasses can vary from the common minor eyewear adjustment to the complete overhaul and refurbishing of the respective eyeglasses or sunglasses. Regardless of the degree of attention needed, our technicians have a state of the art lab and over eighty years of experience to handle any job.


Minor eyewear adjustments usually require very few minor parts (nose pads, temple tips, etc.), if any. Some of the most common minor eyeglass or sunglass adjustments vary from adjusting crooked eyewear frames to simply replacing old, used or even missing standard nose pads and/or temple tips.


Our technicians also have the expertise of complete eyeglass or sunglass overhauls and restorations. fixmyglasses has access to original parts (when available) and our lab also stocks thousands of original and generic eyewear parts too.


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Other Services Offered by fixmyglasses

Plastic Glasses Adjustment

Plastic eyeglass and sunglass frames can be Overhauled and be reformed. The Experts at fixmyglasses have the tools to reform you glasses to original their shape.

Repair Metal Glasses Frames

fixmyglasses uses laser technology producing practically unnoticeable results on eyeglass and sunglass frame repairs. Our eyewear repairs include free shipping and are backed with a one year warranty.

Fixing Plastic Glasses

fixmyglasses can fuse eyeglass and sunglass elbows on almost any plastic eyewear frame. Our master eyewear repair technicians will leave your broken plastic eyeglasses and sunglasses looking like new!

About Us

fixmyglasses uses the latest technology to efficiently process every eyewear order from beginning to end. With over ninety years of combined experience fixing eyeglasses and sunglasses, our master eyewear repair technicians and opticians have a solution for all eyewear issues. By combining experience with technology along with a one year warranty on our eyewear repairs and devoted customer service, fixmyglasses has created an unparalleled experience when it comes to online eyewear repair service.

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