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Sunglasses – Don’t leave home without them

To some sunglasses are simply thought of as a fashion accessory. When we think of sunglasses most us can conjure up images of Jackie O in her iconic Sunglasses (Ray-Ban style RB4098, for those that are interested). Or maybe you think of Tom Cruise sliding across the floor in his boxers in “Risky Business” complete with his Iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

But other than making you look and feel like a movie star, sunglasses are truly important to the health of your eyes. It is time that we start thinking about Sunglasses not only as a fashion accessory, but also as a medical device. But don’t fear, you can both protect your eyes and look great at the same time!

You are most likely aware of the harmful Ultra Violet Rays and the harmful effects they can have on your skin and your eyes. Most of us will go to the beach or go outdoors and make sure we slather on the sunscreen, but what about your eyes? They are just as important to protect from UV rays, or I would argue even more important because our eyes allow us to see the world. Ultra Violet exposure to your eyes is directly related to the development of many eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Most of us have heard of cataracts or probably have a friend or loved one that has had cataract surgery. But many of us don’t know what they actually are. So they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this is what someone’s vision with cataracts actually looks like.

vision with cataracts

And here is what’s someone’s vision with Macular Degeneration looks like.

macular degeneration

So as these images certainly show there is so much damage UV rays can do to your eyes, but it is great that these dangers can be delayed and prevented by simply wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses are best worn all the time that your eyes are exposed to the sun, but you want to be especially protected when you are in the following situations. When you are in the snow. Maybe you are skiing or snowboarding? The sun reflects heavily off the snow and causes above average damage. Also when you are on the beach, at the pool, or around any body of water. UV rays bounce off the water and come back amplified to unprotected eyes.

Raise your hands if you want wrinkles! Well I didn’t see any hands go up, but I’m going to take a leap and guess that if I could see through your webcam that non of yours would be up either. We all want to stay looking young and great and those dreaded crows feet that come up on the side of your eyes can be scary to see when you look in the mirror. Americans spend millions of dollars on creams, surgery, and all types of other products to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. What if I told you there was a simple way to prevent wrinkles around your eyes and on your forehead? Yes, you guessed it! Sunglasses. Without sunglasses, we are constantly squinting, and you might not even realize it if you are not a regular sunglass wearer. Do something for me please. Go to the mirror and squint like the sun is in your eyes. See those lines that form around your eyes and forehead? Those will become permanent if you don’t wear sunglasses that prevent you form doing so.

Another thing that can result from constant squinting of your eyes are headaches and eye strain in general. No one wants headaches that can be prevented so easily. Also, when you are out and about sunglasses can protect dust and debris from getting into your eyes. Contact lens wearers probably know this best, there are few things more irritating than getting something stuck in your eye. I know there are times I have had something come out of nowhere and caught in my eye. I kept rubbing my eye, but can’t seem to get it out. Eyes begin to water, as it’s our body’s natural reaction. Next thing I know my friends are asking me if I’m ok, thinking I might be crying. It turns into a whole big thing, and could have been prevented by having something between my eye and that darn speck of whatever it film Fifty Shades Darker now

So last, but certainly not least, Sunglasses enhance your vision. They reduce glare, allowing us to see our best. Bright lights and reflections can be distracting and distract us from our vision. Sun lenses also increase the contrast in your vision allowing you to see better, especially when driving. There are many different colors of lenses that you can select from. Your local optician should be able to direct you to the type of lenses that will best suit your lifestyle and your outdoor activities. Selecting the best color for your lenses is important and can make a big difference in your golf game or seeing through the water to come home with the big catch.

When shopping for lenses or frames you will notice the option of polarized lenses. While polarized lenses are a bit more expensive, they are worth springing for to get the sharpest vision out of your sunglasses. What makes them so great? Fantastic, question! Regular, or tinted lenses, are great for reducing brightness so you will not squint and prevent from UV rays to your eyes and all the other nasty things we have discussed. However, polarized lenses eliminate the harsh glare that tinted lenses do not. Because they reduce glare, they also improve safety. If you are traveling in your car, polarized lenses increase your reaction time due to the reduction of glare. If a child runs out in the street and are traveling 50 mph, you will be able to see clearer and stop 23 feet sooner. Imagine the power in that! Could mean the safety of a child on the street, changing quickly out of a lane to avoid an object in the road, and the safety of yourself and the others in your car.

I’ll leave you with this last story. Bob Dylan is an Iconic musician that changed the shape of the music industry and culture as a whole. There are many questions and mysteries that surround his motorcycle accident in 1966. When asked about the incident Bob Dylan was quoted by Esquire interview with Sam Shepard: “It was real early in the morning on top of a hill near Woodstock. I can’t even remember how it happened. I was blinded by the sun for a second. . . . I just happened to look up right smack into the sun with both eyes and, sure enough, I went blind for a second and I kind of panicked or something. I stomped down on the brake and the rear wheel locked up on me and I went flyin’.”. Dylan was not wearing his normal Wayfarer sunglasses at the time of the crash, but has said he wishes he was to avoid the injuries he suffered. He is also quoted as saying

“Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip and put sunglasses on.”
― Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Vol. 1

The Long Term Effects of Blue Light How to Find the Perfect Eye Wear Frames The Best Sunglasses for Athletes Know Your Eye Glass Measurements Over 40 and Your Vision Changed Overnight – Meet Presbyopia Eye Health Matters, Too! Why You Need Routine Eye Exams What You Need to Know About the Different Types of Lenses Eye Glass Frame Adjustment Tips Sunglasses – Don’t leave home without them


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