How New Technology is Changing Eyewear Repair

You’ve most likely seen the amazing before-and-after photos of broken and repaired eyeglasses on the homepage. From twisted plastic frames to snapped-in-two metal eyewear, the before pictures are almost too painful to look at. But the after pictures are nothing short of incredible!

How do the folks at take a mangled pair of eyeglasses (that would have been irreparable just a few years ago) and have them looking and feeling like new? Highly skilled technicians, advanced technology and creative innovation make up the “perfect storm” of reparability. In fact, thanks to today’s technology an astonishing 98% of broken eyeglasses are repairable.

Here are a few ways new technology in eyeglass repair is making “irreparable eyeglasses” a phrase of the past:

Metal Frame Fixes: Most laser welding is done through the lens of a microscope to assure the pinpoint precision of the laser. A skilled laser welder can repair just about any metal eyeglass or sunglass frame on the market today, including exotic or flex metals (which includes titanium, beryllium, nickel and alloys). The precise accuracy of a laser offers the cleanest and least noticeable weld available, as well as a virtually seamless end result.

Plastic Frame Repair: Fusing techniques have reinvented plastic eyeglass frame repair. In years past, fusing was done with an actual torch! Today’s technicians use a modernized and more refined system, which includes an instrument called Fusing Tongs. This system is composed of a pedal-controlled base that electrically produces heat and is mostly used for repairing acetate plastic frames. Technicians skilled with Fusing Tongs can replace broken hinges and nose bridges, as well as other eyeglass frame components.

Tackling Titanium: Known for their durability and lightweight attributes, titanium frames can still break, bend and snap in pieces. Not only do skilled technicians use lasers to weld titanium together, they also can mix other metals together such as nickel and beryllium to form alloyed flexible metals.

Finishing Touches: One of the oldest methods of repairing eyewear, soldering has gone through a technical transformation. With new technology and smart engineering, modern soldering is now done electrically, providing a heat source that can produce temperatures of over 2000-degrees with up to 1,320 watts. Soldering burns off the original finish about one inch in diameter within the area treated. If the frame has a metal finish such as gold or silver, it can be re-plated with a virtual seamless finish. If the finish is colored, acrylic paint can be used to match the original finish.

Replacement Parts: Like restoring an old automobile, eyeglasses just look better when they have the original parts. Today, most technicians have access to original replacement parts that come direct from the manufacturer. Eyeglasses with broken side arm hinges, for example, can look like they just came off the store shelf when original hinges are expertly welded to the frame.

Understanding new technology in eyewear repair makes it easy to understand some of the processes that go into fixing your eyeglasses. Cutting-edge technology combined with skilled technicians and over 80 years of experience makes it possible for to tackle nearly every eyeglass or sunglass frame dilemma. So, the next time you call on to fix your eyeglass or sunglass frame dilemma, you’ll know how they were able to make them like new again.


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